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    The innovation partner of choice for leading firms
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  • Consultancy

    Helping clients adapt to change and increase wallet, getting leaner, faster and more capable in the process
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  • Translation Management

    Connecting people, process and technology
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  • Machine Translation

    Enjoying first mover advantage since 2002
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  • Terminology Management

    Defining brands, to ensure a clear, consistent and distinctive voice around the globe
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Welcome to CrossLang

Specialised in translation automation technologies, 
a team with unparalleled expertise in business process automation, 
multilingual knowledge management and language strategies.

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After successfully implementing SAP's internal automated translation platform with 16 language pairs developed by CrossLang, SAP have appointed CrossLang to be their very first Language Technology partner.

Press Release

Twenty-first century recruitment and retention challenges can no longer be met by out-of-date technologies that are failing to identify the right people for the right roles. The results are lost growth opportunities in Belgium, Europe and beyond.

This quarter’s issue of GALAxy contains articles intended to provide some inspiration about how language technologies can solve today's and tomorrow's business problems.