The CrossLang Edge

Year-in-year-out since 2002 we have guided clients in selecting and combining the right translation technologies, involving people, process and technology to achieve operational excellence, and manage innovation programmes.
We are unique in the translation industry. From translation management to machine translation, system integration and terminology management, our depth of knowledge and track record is unparalleled.

We are the innovation partner of choice for leading firms in education, finance, technology, medical, legal, travel and translation sectors. From the outset we have focused on building lasting relationships based on trust, open exchanges of knowledge and delivering real results that make our clients' businesses more vital, flexible and resilient.

Our tried and tested approach helps you to define a strategy, set realistic goals, make the right decisions to achieve your goals, measure and analyse results, prepare your people for change, as well as refine and improve operations on an continuous basis. Helping you to move seamlessly from ideation to pilot and full-blown implementation.

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