Unique Offering

Machine Translation (MT) is one of the most challenging computational areas and it is only in the last 15 years that this technology has become usable in commercial settings.

We have been combining deep linguistic, engineering, and natural language processing know-how everyday since 2002. There’s no substitute for this experience.

We are the MT innovation partner of choice for leading firms in education, finance, technology, medical, legal, travel and translation sectors. From the outset we have focused on building lasting relationships based on trust, open exchanges of knowledge and delivering real results that make our clients businesses more vital, flexible and resilient.

The cumulative advantage of seventeen years continuous investment in machine translation (MT) gives our clients the edge that others can only dream of.

In 2002 we were the first to offer best of breed rule-based MT solutions. We were the first to add open source statistical MT to our range. We were the first to supplement these customised MT solutions with general-purpose engines from Google and Microsoft. 
And we have been innovating ever since: thanks to our growing expertise in neural networks and deep learning, we are among the first to offer customisation solutions for neural machine translation systems.

As clients’ requirements have evolved we have been the trusted technology partner with whom they have innovated. From productivity enhancement, to large-scale real-time translation, to crowdsourcing with MT we are the only independent technology consultancy who can demonstrate a track record of real results.

Our newest generation of solutions come full circle connecting linguistic rules with data driven MT to offer leading-edge precision, usability and scalability.

Our unique position in the translation industry enables us to offer the full spectrum of services and solutions to help combine people, process and technology for every MT use scenario.