CrossLang Gateway

The CrossLang Gateway is middleware that ensures easy and stable access to machine translation. A wide range of MT technologies can be connected: commercial as well as open source, rule–based as well as statistical systems.

The platform offers:

  • Multi-engine access with fallback options in case of downtime
  • Quick and seamless integration with third-party systems such as CMS and TMS
  • Web portal for processing offline documents (MS Office, HTML, XLIFF, etc.)
  • NLP routines such as terminology support, tag handling, NER, real casing, etc.
  • Harnessing Moses Open Source Statistical Machine Translation for production purposes
  • An additional Quality Estimation module is available upon request and can be activated as part of deployed engines.

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By subscribing to the CrossLang Gateway, customers can focus on performance and quality instead of on implementation and integration issues. A one-time-only setup, utilising unified and standardised web services, ensures an easy and hassle-free deployment.