Wherever you are on your MT journey we have a service solution to meet your needs:


There is no single provider with the best MT engines in all scenarios. You’ll experience differences in output quality will depend on the domain, languages and content in question. It may well be that one provider gets you the best result for one language pair whereas another performs noticeably better for another.

The market is full of SaaS MT offerings. They are almost all based on open source deep-learning frameworks and as a user you have to accept the output as is. There is no possibility to tweak the system to make translations fit your specific context.

Our SaaS came about as a natural evolution of our clients’ requirements. We are able to generate high-quality output offering a range of MT systems, including baseline, domain-adapted, and fully custom-built systems. 

Depending on the engine in question our computational linguists can also customise the system to maximise performance.

  • SaaS access to a choice of best-of-breed MT engines
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  • No upfront investments
  • Access to our computational linguists

​CrossLang has developed a number of connectors that ensure seamless integration of any MT system you select into your existing processes and technology landscape.


If you are likely to use MT at scale it may be optimal to have a fully customised system built for each language pair. You can choose from commercial offerings or opt to have open source engines built.

Either way you will need to select, evaluate, pilot, improve, implement and continue improving the engine(s). Our experienced team of consultants, engineers and computational linguists is here to help you every step of the way to ensure you combine people, process and technology to maximise the benefits of translation automation.

Whichever investment, security and knowledge transfer choices are most appropriate for your use, we are able to support the requirement. We ensure seamless integration with your authoring and publication pipeline.

Our state-of-the-art neural MT systems came about as a natural evolution of our clients’ requirements. Our new generation of engines allows extremely detailed improvements to be made at scale.


CrossLang’s tailor-made MT, engineered with open standards and open source technology.

Evaluations and Pilots

The best way to find out whether MT suits your needs is by trying it out. Our evaluations, pilot programmes and proof of concepts help you test assumptions, your team to familiarise and interact with technology and ensure a robust foundation for a successful implementation with staged deployment, risk mitigation and effective change management.

Our approach is now the inspiration for industry best practices, reflected in TAUS guidelines and often emulated by peers. And yet there’s no replacement for over eighteen years of experience across industry sectors and hundreds of pilots. We know that no two evaluations have been alike, we recognise that every company has a unique culture and operation. Time and time again we’ve helped clients get the results they were looking for.

  • Pilots with the hand-holding needed to help give you a solid start
  • Customisation of engines to your needs
  • Accurate predictions of ROI and total cost of ownership


From time to time you’ll want world-class support. Whether you’ve chosen a vendor solution or your own build we provide technical training, support and maintenance that’s second to none.


We’ve been training post-editors and project managers for many years. Well before any university covered the topic, language service providers offered ‘certification’ or you read about this specialist area on social media, we delivered tailor-made training for our clients. Our training will ensure you manage expectations, while connecting people, process and technology effectively.