2009-11-01 15:15

CrossLang is hosting a GALA webinar on Thursday, 19 November. Nathalie De Sutter will present YOOtranslate, CrossLang's project-based Machine Translation service which can be seamlessly integrated with the existing production flow. The webinar will explain how this MT service can increase productivity and save costs on individual projects, without investment or commitment. Furthermore, we will show participants how to get started really fast, zoom in on a few best practices and advise Language Service Providers on how to convert Machine Translation into a competitive advantage.



The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international nonprofit association whose member companies specialise in language services, translation services and language technology. GALA member companies worldwide include translation companies, localization service providers, globalization consultants, internationalization specialists, and language technology developers. Read more.


GALA webinars are free for GALA members and their clients. The cost for non members is US$129 per session. (This fee will be waived and applied toward GALA membership if your company is eligible for membership and joins within one month of the webinar.)