2010-04-30 13:15

EAMT invites everyone interested in machine translation to participate in this conference - developers, researchers, users, professional translators, managers, marketing experts - anyone who has a stake in the vision of an information world in which language issues become transparent to the information consumer. We especially invite users to share their experiences, developers to describe what is happening in the internet marketplace, researchers looking to new capabilities, and visionaries to describe the future.

The over-all theme for this conference is "Machine Translation - a useful tool to enhance communication or an overrated gimmick"
To address this topic, the conference will feature an engaging variety of oral and poster presentations by researchers, developers, and users, invited talks and panel discussions.
Heidi Depraetere from CrossLang, together with Pablo Vazquez from Cisco Systems, will present a user report: MT selection in the enterprise. The focus of this presentation will show how client-centric MT evaluation can assist in identifying the best MT solution in an Enterprise context.
Examining extensive lists of opaque scores (BLEU and others) does not bring value to the Enterprise market unless the market can equate the results with its own daily commercial challenges.
Armed with the right set of directives, the decision process is made simpler - as Cisco recently discovered did both: Identify a process for engine selection and create matrix to select other is the future.