2012-02-02 09:00

On Friday, 3 February, Nathalie De Sutter will be presenting a joint research project with Ilse Depraetere at the study day on Translation and Quality at the University of Lille.

The title of the presentation is: " Post-edited translation quality, edit distance and fluency scores : report on a case study"
The aim of the evaluation project reported on is three-fold. It aims to find out whether there is a quality difference between a post-edited translation and a ‘fully human’ translation. A related question is whether the potential benefit of a productivity increase through the use of MT does not come at the cost of a decrease in translation quality. Finally; our corpus has been used to test the evaluation methodology described in De Sutter (2012), namely, a metric that maps post-edit distance onto fluency scores, thus making it possible to establish a fluency score on the basis of post-edit distance.

De Sutter, N. (2012) MT evaluation based on post-editing: a proposal. In Depraetere, I. (ed.) Perspectives on translation quality. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 125-146.
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