LT-Accelerate Brussels 4-5 December 2014

2014-12-04 14:45
LT-Accelerate is a conference designed to help businesses, researchers and public administrations discover business value via Language Technology. It will feature industry-leading speakers - business visionaries, technology innovators, industry analysts, and leading solution providers (under a No Sales Pitch policy) -- in two days of workshops, keynotes, panels, and presentations.
Also Luc Meertens, CEO of CrossLang is taking part in a panel session on Thursday 4 December on Language-Business Vision. He will present "OVID-LT", an Open Vertical Integration of Data & Language Technology.
OVID-LT is an on-going roadmap project which has been funded by the Flemish Ministry of Economy (Agentschap Ondernemen). The Flemish government wants to stimulate companies and their innovation partners to set-up roadmaps that will bridge the gap between research and industry. Even more, these roadmaps will tackle the issue of what is called “the valley of death”, projects that despite a vast R&D budget and a huge technical potential do not achieve enough commercial attention and, therefore, remain undervalued.
OVID-LT specifically wants to stimulate collaboration between companies active in data and language technology, cluster their respective innovations and technologies, thus producing new services and solutions and allowing individual companies to better profile their potential in a European context. OVID-LT is not about the development of new technologies that go beyond the state-of-art, it is about the set-up of an infrastructure that will offer companies a concrete possibility to create extra value and revenue in a joint offering of their products, services and solutions.
CrossLang is heading the consortium with partners Actonomy and Synergetics, two other Flemish companies active in the field of Data and Language Technology.
The presentation will focus on the planned infrastructure and highlight the benefits for other partners interested in joining. The full programme of the conference can be found here.