Quality Under Pressure

2013-09-30 17:00

This year, the VViN Conference 2013 focused on the challenges translation companies and translators are facing in 2013 more than ever. The key question on September 27, 2013 was whether translation companies and translators can still deliver what they stand for, but also whether the product still meets the customer demand, because a client might also be satisfied with something that is less than top quality.

Striking results

Nathalie De Sutter, Sales Director at CrossLang, presented the results of a study carried out among 10 postgraduate students. They were asked to produce a qualitative Dutch translation of a report published by the European Commission. Part of the English source text had been pre-translated by MT, and the time which they spent working on the assignment was tracked in the background. In order to investigate if any productivity increases may be obtained using MT, we calculated and compared the average throughput (in words per hour) for each activity, i.e. post-editing MT output and translating from scratch. Next, in order to determine if final translation quality was affected by the use of MT, informants were asked to evaluate the quality of each other’s translations by rating the quality of each translated sentence on a scale of 1 to 5. The results of the evaluations were, to say the least, surprising…

When & where?

This year the conference took place on September 27 at the New Babylon Meeting Center in The Hague.