2009-06-19 10:00

On June 17th, 2009, CrossLang held a seminar on Project Management and Automated Translation technologies in Ghent, Belgium. The seminar specifically targeted language professionals. See below for some of the participants' reactions:

"Thanks again for the invitation to the seminar which I found very informative indeed - as you might have noticed, I share the basic conclusions about the validity of MT - at present in a more limited environment, but ever-growing."

Daniel Fischer – Techskript
"I found the seminar very interesting. Especially YOOprocess, but also the Translation Process Management system could be very useful for our business. I have seen many demonstrations of similar system, but this seems to fit best what we are really looking for."
Dirk Ceelen – Dice Vertalingen bvba
"The afternoon was very interesting and I have shared the information extensively with my colleagues. Thank you very much for the inspiring afternoon that helped us abandon some ingrained prejudices."
Tom de Rouck – SGS
"Thank you for the invitation. Interesting topics and professionally presented."
Ludo Nagels – Home Office
"CrossLang has the right approach to helping LSPs get the most out of all the automation technology that's available today: they invest in knowledge, develop powerful, easy to use solutions, share information openly and honestly, and offer practical assistance with integrating those solutions in the existing workflow. If you want to improve the efficiency of your translation processes – and especially if you want to implement machine translation technology – you won't find a better partner than CrossLang."
Ben Hickman – Lowland Language Services