"Taal in Bedrijf" 2013

2013-11-20 16:30

On Friday 29 November 2013 NOTaS (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Taal- en Spraaktechnologie), together with the Sint-Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, organised "Taal in Bedrijf 2013". Taal in Bedrijf acts as a market place for language and speech technology in The Netherlands and Flanders. This year's edition introduced a wide range of practical applications and highlighted the latest technological developments. It was an inspiring event for providers, developers, investors and users.

"Taal in Bedrijf" is the event to get an update on practical applications of language and speech technology (LST) for the Dutch language area. This fourth edition of "Taal in Bedrijf" 2013 aimed at information exchange among NOTaS participants and between TST producers and (potential) end users in healthcare.

The programme paid special attention to applications for healthcare but was also interesting for other visitors. As with the previous editions, there was a trade fair (10-15 stands) where suppliers (SMEs and knowledge institutions) and buyers of TST products could meet. There was opportunity for product demonstrations and additional explanations.

Besides the trade fair, a plenary programme was offered, which contained a presentation by keynote speaker Piek Vossen (LST researcher) and space for pitches (short, 5-minute introductions) by the exhibitors. To encourage the interaction between LST users and providers, (potential) LST applications customers were also offered the opportunity to express their wishes and experiences in the field of language and speech technology applications. There was also a special session for end users, with room for pitches of 10-15 minutes (including discussion).

More information can be found on www.notas.nl (Dutch only)