2012-03-20 16:15

Moses is an open-source statistical machine translation system (SMT) that allows automatic training of translation models for any language pair using a collection of translated texts. An efficient search algorithm quickly finds the highest probability translation among the exponential number of choices. Read more on Moses SMT.

Despite the success of the system in means of translation quality and the growing interest for commercial applications, the available documentation for Moses toolkit is of a highly technical nature; deployment requires knowledge of basic software engineering, and this academic nature makes it difficult to be harnessed by single organisations on their own.

CrossLang therefore organises a comprehensive training course:

     Building Open Source MT systems
     Friday 20 April 2012 (9AM – 5PM)
     Vlerick Management School, Reep 1, 9000 Ghent


This session enables CAT-tool specialists to understand the challenges of Statistical MT and offers them a complete starter toolkit for building their own Moses SMT system.

  • Translation as a decoding problem: mathematical foundations of Statistical Machine Translation
  • The Moses toolkit: creating an SMT engine with GIZA++, IRSTLM, Moses script
  • Word alignments, phrase extraction and creating a translation model
  • Interaction between translation model and language model
  • MERT tuning: compiling a development corpus and training the engine 
  • Automatic evaluation of machine translation output
  • Advanced features of Moses


Arda Tezcan and Joachim Van den Bogaert, SMT specialists, CrossLang


Localisation (tools) engineers, technical program managers, computational linguists, CAT specialists with a technical background


The cost to participate in this full-day training course is 950 euro and includes lunch, coffee and refreshments, plus a syllabus and/or hand-outs.

Registrations have been closed.

Space is limited. Please feel free to contact Nathalie De Sutter at +32 486 515113 - with any questions or concerns. More information on our custom, in-company training programs on demand.


CrossLang has extensive experience in building and deploying Moses SMT systems and in training adopters of the technology. In our training sessions we help you look past the current limitations of Moses SMT and demonstrate how you can harness the system to achieve the same service level provided by commercial systems. We will help you build a business case for the use of Moses SMT in your operations, provide hands-on experience using a live SMT system, explain the technical details, and guide you on how to prepare the system for production use.