On Friday, 3 February, Nathalie De Sutter will be presenting a joint research project with Ilse Depraetere at the study day on Translation and Quality at the University of Lille.

The title of the presentation is: " Post-edited translation quality, edit distance and fluency scores : report on a case study"

On Friday 9 december 2011 NL-Term together with the Dutch Terminology Centre and Hogeschool Gent organises TiNT, a conference on "Terminology in the Dutch Language Area".

Taal in Bedrijf is hét Vlaams-Nederlandse evenement op het gebied van taal- en spraaktechnologie.

Op dinsdag 29 november 2011 vindt de vierde editie van Taal in Bedrijf plaats in Congres-en concertgebouw De Doelen in Rotterdam. Taal in Bedrijf is gericht op investeerders, bestuurders, wetenschappers, leveranciers en vooral gebruikers.

This year's ATA (the Dutch Association of Translation Agencies) conference will be held on Friday, September 9, in De Reehorst in Ede. The conference main theme "The Future is here" will also be the title of the keynote speech by Renato Beninatto. The programme consists of various hands-on workshops along three tracks: tools, marketing/media, and post-editing.