Waltham, MA (15 June 2011)—Translators without Borders, a not-for-profit focused on spreading knowledge through humanitarian translations, is pleased to announce its initial round of sponsors who have pledged their support to help the translations reach more people around the world.


Moses SMT is a successful academic project on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) that has gained a lot of interest from the language industry lately. Two factors, however, impede a widespread implementation:

Accurate, consistent terminology management – a crucial aspect of achieving uniform, unambiguous communication within an organisation – is a simple way to do both. Want an example? Consider how products and services with an ambiguous name can lead to confusion among colleagues, partners and even customers. Such communication ‘missers’ often result in inefficiency, quality problems and, in the worst case, damage to the organisation’s image – something you would certainly rather avoid.

The Bologna consortium held their project kick-off meeting on March 14/15 in Gent, home town of CrossLang, the Bologna coordinator.