TAUS, the Translation Automation User Society, organises a workshop and round table on 8-9 February 2011 in Amsterdam. The theme of the round table is "Translation in the 21st century" and it has a special focus on examples of client demand, market, technological and business model changes taking place in the industry. Nathalie De Sutter will explain how to get started with MT and give an overview of use cases and best practices.

A core aspect of the European Commission's (EC) commitment to language diversification is the provision of multilingual access to intellectual property information, namely patents. This will afford inventors in Europe better access to technical information on patents in their native language and foster innovation and growth. Central to such a provision is the availability of high-quality search and translation technologies capable of dealing with the volume and language diversity of large collections of patent data.

On 10th September, The Dutch Association of Translation Agencies will organise a Theme Day on Translation Technology and its impact on translation business.

Joachim Van den Bogaert will be presenting MT technology innovations from CrossLang during the workshop "Web Services and Processing Pipelines in HLT: Tool Evaluation, LR Production and Validation" at LREC 2010.