Computational linguistics (or Natural Language Processing, NLP), is a branch of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), specialised in the processing and analysis of text and speech in natural language.

The Inter-industry Conference is a three-day event that will take place from Friday 16 April to Sunday 18 April 2010, set in the heart of Tolkien country in the pleasant leafy setting of Spring Hill College in Moseley.

In a world where everyone is under pressure to produce faster, cheaper and better, process automation leads to competitive advantage. CrossLang has developed a suite of tools and solutions specifically designed for Language Service Providers. Join us for our series of webinars which will give you a practical introduction to various innovative technologies in less than an hour...

CrossLang is hosting a GALA webinar on Thursday, 19 November. Nathalie De Sutter will present YOOtranslate, CrossLang's project-based Machine Translation service which can be seamlessly integrated with the existing production flow. The webinar will explain how this MT service can increase productivity and save costs on individual projects, without investment or commitment.