Setting up a multilingual website is usually an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, involving processes, tools and resources with various skills. Most organisations learn by "trial and error" how a web team can collaborate efficiently.

On Friday, 3 February, Nathalie De Sutter will be presenting a joint research project with Ilse Depraetere at the study day on Translation and Quality at the University of Lille.

The title of the presentation is: " Post-edited translation quality, edit distance and fluency scores : report on a case study"

On Friday 9 december 2011 NL-Term together with the Dutch Terminology Centre and Hogeschool Gent organises TiNT, a conference on "Terminology in the Dutch Language Area".

Taal in Bedrijf is hét Vlaams-Nederlandse evenement op het gebied van taal- en spraaktechnologie.

Op dinsdag 29 november 2011 vindt de vierde editie van Taal in Bedrijf plaats in Congres-en concertgebouw De Doelen in Rotterdam. Taal in Bedrijf is gericht op investeerders, bestuurders, wetenschappers, leveranciers en vooral gebruikers.