CrossLang Training Centre


CrossLang has extensive experience in building and deploying Moses SMT systems and in training adopters of the technology.

Periodically we offer generic trainings, but in-company, customised packages can also be organised. Contact us for more information.


Moses SMT is a successful academic project on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) that has gained a lot of interest from the language industry lately. Two factors, however, impede a widespread implementation:

  • Psychologically, new users tend to see the Moses SMT system as an exotic black box that runs on an equally exotic Open Source Operating System named Linux. The available documentation is of a highly technical nature, and deployment requires knowledge of basic software engineering.
  • Practically, the Moses SMT team has explicitly committed to never releasing a 1.0 version, which basically means that it is not considered to be ready for commercial use. Moreover, support for typical translation and localization workflows is not integrated in the system.

Despite these considerations, the advantages of using the Moses SMT system are numerous: 

  • The advent of powerful computer systems and the presence of large data sets on the Internet allow you to develop a well-performing translation system very quickly and at a relatively low cost.
  • Most commercial languages are well supported and the research community is very active in providing tailored solutions for less commercial languages.
  • The system will gradually improve as post-editing functionalities are added.

In short: the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the very short Time-To-Market (both for developing the SMT system and producing translations) and the system’s flexibility make it worthwhile to take a closer look at this technology and its commercial application.

In our training sessions we help you look past the current limitations of Moses SMT and demonstrate how you can harness the system to achieve the same service level provided by commercial systems. We will help you build a business case for the use of Moses SMT in your operations, provide hands-on experience using a live SMT system, and explain the technical details of customizing a system for a specific domain, or preparing the system for production use.