Outsourcing services

Over the past years many companies have invested heavily in their websites and content management systems (CMS). The general practice has been to develop a completely new version of their website every three to five years, often involving the change of the underlying CMS tool.

This practice has often been referred to as the “big bang” approach, as it requires major changes and large budgets and is often a step into the unknown.

However, more and more companies are beginning to realise that a website requires a continuous effort and that building a new site is only the beginning of a project that requires on-and-off fine-tuning, re-appraisal and planning – not just to keep in-line with changing corporate strategy and market conditions but also to keep up to date with new technologies. These new technologies help companies to present their sites better and make them more productive by driving more traffic, as well as allowing them to better understand who visits the sites and how often.

The technology behind and the requirements of managing a website have also changed considerably – gone are the days when the job could be done on a part-time basis or by someone without webmastering technical skills – websites have become too complex and too strategic for them not to be managed by trained professionals.

Our colleagues at CrossCheck provide outsourcing services on a project basis (special one-off requirements such as data migration, website updating, content authoring,...) or on a time basis - short term/long term - for which the resource works on site.