Terminology strategy consultancy

CrossLang offers a pragmatic and user-oriented approach towards terminology management. After analysing the current situation and specific requirements, our consultants will determine what is needed in terms of tools, process and people.

A terminology management system will help to efficiently manage and disseminate the terms across various stakeholders, e.g. product managers, translators and ultimately end users of the company’s products or services. A structured and centralised process will make sure relevant terms are added to the database and validated by the right person. Control mechanisms ensure that the correct terms have been used in the various languages publications.

In addition to having the right tools, process and people, ensuring consistent use of terminology needs to become a part of corporate culture. Consistent terminology contributes to presenting an integrated look and feel across products, and it ensures that service, support, marketing, and development all speak the same language, a language users can learn to understand.

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