YOOprocess Main Modules

The functionality of YOOprocess is modular. The setup described in this proposal comprises the Professional Edition of  ]project-open[ which includes all modules relevant to Language Service Providers. In addition to the standard configuration, CrossLang has developed or improved certain features for availability management, planning, and file management. Extra functionality (such as for helpdesk or consultants) is available and can be added to the package on request.

Project Management

The PM module integrates project-related information from all YOOprocess modules into "project rooms", enabling you to collaborate with providers and customers online. Sophisticated access permissions allow you to protect your business critical information.

  • Hierarchical project creation
  • Customizable project overviews with status tracking and advanced filtering
  • Predefined project templates and workflows
  • Project file storage and history
  • "Earned Value" project completion tracking
  • Incident management
  • Integration with cost management and invoicing

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM module unifies all functionalities related to the management of customer relationships, and centralizes all relevant information for project managers, sales representatives and business managers.

  • Customer contact and office management
  • Integrated customer interaction history
  • Online web registration
  • Customer tracking
  • Customer classification and status engine
  • Detailed pricing information per “task type”

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Module unifies all functionalities related to the management of translation providers who are specifically oriented towards translation agencies. The strategic vendors for this type of business are usually freelance translators, and it can be quite challenging to manage this often large pool of resources and keep their skills database up to date.

  • Vendor company contact management
  • Integrated vendor interaction history
  • Web-based tracking of vendor purchase order and invoice
  • Detailed pricing information per “task type”
  • Vendor quality module

The system also includes a Translation Freelancer Management Module that allows "Project Managers" and "Vendor Managers" to track the life cycle of a vendor and to automate the generation of financial documents for them. The module consists of three main components:

  • Freelance Recruiting Pipeline: Manages the process of recruiting freelancers. This database stores information about applications, translation tests, and translation test results.
  • Freelance Skill Database: Stores the detailed profile of each freelancer. The database records information about the freelancer's source languages, target languages, specialization areas, supported CAT-tools etc. This information is at your fingertips when you staff your project.
  • Freelance Availability Management: Monitors absences registered by freelancers and lists any concurrent projects on which they are working.

Finance & Reporting

The aim of the Finance module is to provide the company's senior management with a real-time overview of all relevant financial information on projects managed by the company. For this purpose, YOOprocess provides a number of specialized modules that cover all important areas of small and medium-sized project organization:

  • Invoicing
  • Provider costs (via Web interface)
  • Timesheet management (for time-based assignments)
  • Expense tracking
  • Cost Center Permissions
  • Reporting on all financial documents
  • Export interfaces to Excel, KHK Kaufmann, ContaPlus, SQL-Ledger and SAP-FI

Human Resources Management Module

The Human Resources Management Module mainly deals with the management of internal employees.

  • Employee payroll information
  • Employee recruitment process
  • Employee task and timesheet tracking

Translation Module

  • Translation workflow design
  • Expected translation quality levels
  • Translation project status reports
  • Integration with invoicing module