Corporate Language Strategy

Historically, translation has generally been an afterthought, with the consequence that the translation process is not well-integrated into the overall business process. Additionally, decisions about resources, tools, validation, vendors, etc. have often been made on an ‘as needed’ basis, leading to replications in efforts and costs – resulting in inconsistent quality, lack of customer support and late product deliveries.

This will certainly lead to lost market share, missed revenue opportunity, customer complaints and a weakened competitive position. However, the biggest problem is that this approach is not scalable, so as you add volume and new languages the costs will increase significantly and the lead times will go further and further out.

To help companies resolve this matter and develop language strategies, CrossLang has a team of business experts who can advise on how to better understand the pitfalls and bottlenecks of the translation process and how best to apply technology to simplify the process – leading to a more consistent, cost-efficient and transparent approach.

CrossLang provides strategic advice in the following fields: