YOOmanage is a hosted infrastructure based on state-of-the-art enterprise Translation Management technology, supported by a service-oriented team of experienced business consultants and technical engineers.

YOOmanage brings together several critical aspects of Translation Management: workflow technology to automate the process and linguistic technology to aid the translator.




The translation workflow technology simplifies communication and speeds up content delivery by creating and leveraging processes in which automatic actions are defined, based on organisation-defined business rules. Scoping and reporting features enable you to leverage project data and metrics captured by YOOmanage, and other sources.


YOOmanage provides a server-based, centralised translation memory (TM) and terminology database (TD). It combines these with powerful content filtering, segmentation and other functions to maximize translation reuse, and improve translation quality and consistency.

The TM provides a centralised repository for all translated segment pairs. It offers sophisticated matching, searching and management capabilities especially suited for large-scale translation initiatives. The TD offers the same high levels of functionality with centralised features to ensure the consistent translation of words, trade names, service marks and phrases.


YOOmanage can be integrated with machine translation technologies, which will increase the translators’ productivity even further. Furthermore, it can be integrated with CMS so that the source language content is monitored for changes and routed into the translation workflow automatically.

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