Drupal integration

CrossLang offers a hosted Translation Management infrastructure that provides complete workflow management for multilingual Drupal sites. It allows content managers to manage all translations from one central page. The system identifies which contents need translation and notifies translators about what they need to do. Translators can translate everything without having to learn Drupal administration.

The translation management module in Drupal consists of a Dashboard that gives a full overview of all content in the CMS. This includes pages, posts, custom types, CCK, interface strings and even contact forms. It is possible to filter the results based on source and target language, status and type. Available statuses include:

  • Not translated
  • Marked for translation
  • Marked for priority translation
  • Translation complete
  • Translation needs update
  • Translation in progress
  • Translated – status verification required
Project managers select the content/pages/documents that need translation, choose which languages to translate to, select the translation approach (just MT or MT + post-editing and/or review) and click on Send to translation.

All content that has been marked for translation is gathered in a queue. The frequency at which the queue is emptied and the translation project is launched can be configured.

It is also possible to send individual pages that have been created or updated directly to the Translation Management System.

At the end of the translation cycle, the module automatically builds all the translated content/pages/documents in Drupal. It creates the multilingual fields, makes all the necessary connections between originals and translations and puts everything in place.

Translations can either be published automatically or wait for review.