YOOmanage benefits


YOOmanage automates the human language translation process as much as possible and maximises translator efficiency. The system can be used to monitor source language content for changes and route the content to various translators and reviewers: a simple and user-friendly web-based environment allows project stakeholders located across the globe to collaborate and access the content via the Internet. This speeds up the translation cycle and makes translation projects more transparent and easier to manage.

Cost effectiveness

  • No upfront investment or commitment in software licences
  • Reduced translation cost through maximised translation re-use
  • Reduced fragmentation and overhead


  • All stakeholders (internal or external) use same tool sets
  • Automated repetitive project steps
  • Speed up content delivery
  • Improved translation quality through global brand consistency

Transparency and flexibility

  • Control and ownership of linguistic resources
  • Internal and/or external sourcing
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless adoption and little change management


  • Phased approach
  • Expandable
  • Connectors for machine translation and third party software integration