YOOsource has been specifically designed for those situations where efficient collaboration with linguistic resources is required without any procedures or complicated software tools. Translators pick up the job they want to work on and release it again when it is ready. Integration with CMS makes sure the entire translation process, from request to publication, is automated.


The heart of the YOOsource platform is the ‘Translation Editor’. The Translation Editor combines three translation technologies:
  • Translation Memory
  • Machine Translation
  • Terminology Management


YOOsource integrates at two levels:
  • With the Content Management System (CMS) in which the multilingual content is stored
  • With the CrossLang Gateway for the automatic generation of pre-translations

The integration with the Content Management System results in a rapid, inexpensive, smooth translation process: content that requires translation is sent from the CMS to the translation platform where it is first automatically pre-translated by a machine translation system and then presented for ‘post-editing’ via a web interface. Users can ‘claim’ post-editing jobs and then validate and/or correct the automatically generated pre-translations as necessary. As soon as the translation has been finalised, the CMS imports the text so it can be published on the website.

The integration with the CrossLang Gateway ensures that the best performing machine translation system (i.e. the system that provides the highest quality output) is used to generate the pre-translations. Various systems and technologies may be used, depending on the language combination and direction in question.