YOOtranslate is an innovative service that allows companies to use Machine Translation (MT) in a project context: it generates automated translations originating from several MT engines, rule-based as well as statistical. Without commitment or investment, customers simply upload their source files and receive the MT output in bilingual format (source and target segments) - ready for further processing.

CrossLang will advise on the choice of engine, depending on language pairs and content type. In addition to the out-of-the-box MT quality, our specialists can customise the MT engines so that the output is tuned for your specific context, ensuring a higher quality. Dictionary coding and/or data training will considerably improve the linguistic appropriateness and technical accuracy of the MT engine output.

The MT output only replaces new words and is inserted whenever the translation memory does not yield a match. In addition, YOOtranslate delivers bilingual file formats so that the MT output can be easily processed within your existing translation process. Hence the post-edited segments can be used to further grow translation memories.


  • No software investments required – just pay for what you do
  • Fast turnaround and easy to use
  • File support that integrates seamlessly with traditional translation workflows
  • Access to all MT technologies, both baseline and customised
  • Output generated by the best performing engine for your specific project
  • Broad range of language pairs and file formats handled

If you are interested to know the expected Return on Investment, we can provide you with a full evaluation on quality, productivity, usability and business case assessment. Read more on our MT pilot programs.