Bologna Translation Service

CrossLang acts as coordinator of the Bologna Translation Service project, a 24-month EU-funded project (March 2011-February 2013).

The Bologna Translation Service will build a highly specialised, domain-focused automated translation service that integrates typologically different MT technologies with translation memory (TM) technology making use of automated post-editing (PE) techniques into a web-based collaboration platform.

The project will cover 9 languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

CrossLang contributes its web-based collaboration framework to the project as well as its MT evaluation expertise. Convertus brings its experience and technology from a high-quality machine translation service in use by several Swedish universities. Traslán provides solid experience with statistical MT, including hierarchical techniques. The project takes advantage of Koç university’s competence in Turkish. Rule-based MT expertise is supplied by Eleka.

In addition the consortium intends to collaborate closely with its User Group, which at project start consists of ten universities providing valuable user feedback.

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