Catena Cycling

Catena Cycling is a social networking site especially for cycling enthusiasts.

The online community platform includes a cyclopedia that provides extensive information about cycling routes in country and abroad, equipment, training programmes, dietary and nutritional information, etc. In addition, Catena also offers a number of mobile apps with which touring cyclists can keep track of their work-outs and share the details with friends online, along with photos, tips, travel stories and much more.

The website is currently offered in six languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and English. Community members provide the translations of the articles themselves, aided by the support of CrossLang translation technology. First the text is pre-translated via machine translation, and then it is reviewed, and corrected if necessary, in an exceptionally user-friendly editing environment. As soon as the translation is ready it is published automatically through seamless integration with the Content Management System on which the site runs. This allows Catena Cycling to make content available in a range of languages very quickly and inexpensively, thereby serving the international community of cycling enthusiasts in an optimal manner.

Check out the Catena website here.