Dutch Terminology Service Centre

The Dutch Terminology Service Centre was founded by the Dutch Language Union. Operations are managed by CrossLang in association with the Free University of Amsterdam.

The Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) is an organisation in which The Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname combine their strengths to serve the Dutch language, the teaching of it, and its literature. The aim of the Language Union is to support users of Dutch around the world so that the language can continue to be as dynamic and vigorous as it is today.

On April 1st 2007 the Dutch Language Union founded the Dutch Terminology Service Centre (Steunpunt voor Nederlandstalige Terminologie, SNT). The Service Centre functions as the reference point for information and advice on all aspects of terminology in the entire Dutch language region. The Service Centre supports the terminology policy that the Dutch Language Union pursues via its Terminology Committee and the activities of the Flemish-Dutch terminology association NL-Term.

The website provides an overview of events, courses and education, normalisation efforts, term collections, bibliographies, tools and technologies in the field of Dutch terminology.

Read more on www.nedterm.org (Dutch only).