Machine Translation

De Taalsector, an independent publisher for the language industry, and CrossLang, an independent consulting and translation automation solutions provider, have partnered to launch, a multilingual news website for the language industry in all 24 official languages of the European Union.

Catena Cycling is a social networking site especially for cycling enthusiasts. The platform makes use of CrossLang's machine translation and crowd-sourcing technology to assist the community with the process of contributing and publishing articles in multiple languages.

CrossLang was awarded a grant by the IWT (Flemish government agency for the promotion of innovation through science and technology) to investigate and build an MT production platform. The focus of the project is on leveraging existing NLP (Natural Language Processing) components and reducing hybrid MT engine production time for less-studied language pairs.

CrossLang is partner and user group member of the TExSIS project, which aims at the automatic extraction of mono- and multilingual company-specific terminology on the basis of a company’s document streams. These term lists are crucial in every language-based man-machine communication: in machine translation, computer-assisted translation and in monolingual and multilingual document management.


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