Define Yourself

Your terminology can help define your organisation. They can ensure a clear, consistent and distinctive voice when communicating internally or with the outside world. Supporting your brand equity around the globe.

Yet the vast majority of organisations fail miserably when it comes to terminology management. Internal jargon is exposed to the outside world. People describe the same products, features or functionality differently, diluting their message and confusing readers. Confused readers can turn to the competition rather than you.

Terminology management is actually difficult. Humans are creative and imaginative beings. Terminology management requires a structured approach with focus and discipline over time. People come and go, and very few organisations can justify a terminology coordinator to take responsibility, review and follow up when needed. Few terminology coordinators can make a real success of their jobs.

Good terminology management can help take your translation automation efforts to the leading edge, to innovative and operational excellence. Helping you to stand head and shoulders above competition in the consumer decision journey.

From the very outset we’ve had a passion for terminology management. We would not have been able to make rule-based MT engines work for our clients without this passion. More than any other area of translation automation, terminology management requires fully engaged people to interact with technology and process. We can help you ignite your terminology management.