The larger and more complex the organisation, the more people and languages involved, the more you want to leverage your terms to ensure outstanding translation automation, the more you need a terminology management system and process. That’s where we come in.

Terminology Audit

It’s vital to take stock of the current situation before charting a course to a solid approach to terminology management. We help you to undergo a terminology audit, asking straightforward questions to clarify your organisation’s use scenarios, system integration points, term management weaknesses and mitigating actions.

We help determine the best course of action, required investments and likely savings, training requirements as well as the process engineering that may be needed.

Our recommendations are actionable and invariably designed to give you near-term results, while paving the way for long-term gains. We are neutral and independent with our advice, and transparent in all our interactions.

Programme Management

Good terminology management can be a tremendous asset to an organisation, and yet we so often hear about failed initiatives. We can help you to define your approach to terminology management and run entire technology implementation programmes successfully.

We provide training, technical assistance and hands-on help for users, transferring valuable knowledge and ensuring faster acceptance of the solution.

Our programme management packages are tailored to your needs – our involvement can be substantial or light touch, continuous, at given intervals or ad-hoc.

We offer:

  • Selection: helping to find the right solution for you
  • Implementation: from extremely granular data structure and workflow design to configuration testing
  • User training: face-to-face on-site role-based user training and/or web-based training to ensure the solution is used effectively and new workflow accepted
  • User guidance: helping users during the initial months after the implementation until they are confident with the new technology
  • Project management: efficient coordination and timely delivery of every project if you choose to outsource the project management of your translation infrastructure
  • Integration: building connectors to ensure that any new technologies integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Technical support: 1st and 2nd line support

Clean and Consolidate

One of the outcomes of a terminology audit may be the recommendation to mine, assess, clean up and consolidate your terminology before going forward. For example, if want you to implement a Translation Management System or Machine Translation, good terminology glossaries can be a great asset.

Here we get our hands really dirty. We undertake corpus analysis and support you in the semi-automated process of terminology extraction, clean-up and creation of a robust nomenclature and additional metadata necessary for your use scenarios.


We have extensive experience in dictionary coding for MT customisation.


From time to time you’ll want world-class support. Whether you’ve chosen a vendor solution or your own build we provide technical training, support and maintenance that’s second to none.