Managing Automation

The cornerstone solutions for automating a translation operation at a public body, corporation or growing language service firm will often be Translation Management Systems (TMS).

Well-implemented TMS ensure automation of day-to-day processes are maximised and each translation (language asset) is stored in a way that can contribute to improved automation, translation quality and operational efficiency in the future.

TMS enable:

  • Reduced costs, increased speed and better quality
  • All people involved in translation to work together more effectively
  • Greater transparency and control on the content being translated, associated costs and volumes
  • Increased end-to-end automation from authoring to publication

Translation Management Systems are typically enterprise class applications requiring careful selection, configuration, training, administration and usage.

We are the only independent consultancy in Europe with a long track record of providing clients with unbiased guidance and support to ensure the full benefits of TMS can be achieved. We are the only independent consultancy with agreements in place to implement, customise and support many of the leading TMS in the market.

We can help you to manage automation effectively.