From one off projects to long-term programmes we are uniquely placed to share expertise and help to deliver real results for your business.

TMS Advice

Getting lost in a world of technology choices? Cut through the complexity with our expert advice. You’ll appreciate our practical, actionable guidance – you’ll find we understand your business and enjoy getting our hands dirty.

Services include:

  • Ideation to define requirements
  • Request for Proposal creation
  • Vendor selection
  • Tool/language technology evaluation

Programme Management

Automation can be hugely beneficial but also equally disruptive. We can help you to run entire technology implementation programmes successfully. We provide training, technical assistance and hands-on help for users, transferring valuable knowledge and ensuring faster acceptance of the solution.

Our programme management packages are tailored to your needs – our involvement can be substantial or light touch, continuous, at given intervals or ad-hoc.

We offer:

  • Implementation: from solution design to configuration testing
  • User training: face-to-face on-site role based user training and/or web based training
  • User guidance: helping users during the initial months after the implementation until they are confident with the new technology
  • Project management: efficient coordination and timely delivery of every project if you choose to outsource the project management of your translation infrastructure
  • Integration: building connectors to ensure that any new technologies integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Technical support: 1st and 2nd line support

Development of TMS IPR

You may think of TMS as a strategic resource for your business, but the lack the internal know-how to develop your own fully customised solution. 

The value of language data is a strategic resource, but this data often resides with language service providers. We are the only consultancy with a track record of developing and handing over fully customised TMS for corporations and organizations, ensuring control and ownership of linguistic assets without vendor lock-in, enabling clients to protect their own intellectual property around translated data.

Customisation and integration

You may already use a TMS and find your urgent change request sitting low down on a list of release priorities at your vendor.

We provide custom development of specific features, integration with third-party systems, and advanced configuration (such as the creation of additional reports and templates).

1st and 2nd line support

Do you already use a TMS, but find yourself wanting better support? Then get in touch. We have agreements in place with many of the leading TMS vendors to provide premium 1st and 2nd line support.